I hate to cook.  Let me rephrase that- I loathe to cook.  The words “What should we have for lunch?” or “What’s for supper?” make me shudder. So one of my goals is to avoid the urge to jump off a low bridge when countered with those words.  Today IS the day this goal started.  It happened mostly because the thought of another grilled cheese or kraftdinner with tube steaks made me want to hurl. So now I must engage the skill of cooking.

I envy those people who can just whip up amazing meals with what they have in their cupboard.  B, the husband, is actually fairly decent at this skill.  I have OCD so if I don’t have the exact ingredients for a meal I think i can’t make it and let the stress begin.  Thankfully, Campbell’s has these little cookbooks that they used to send in the mail.  They’re pretty easy recipes and are user friendly.  They also lend themselves to interpretation and so you can ease away from the ‘must have ingredients’ anxiety.  The other problem is, time.  I need it to take about the same amount  of time as it would to make such culinary delights as grilled cheese and crap dinner.  These little recipes actually give time estimates and are pretty bang on.

Today I tried the chicken rontini.  I had chicken breasts, rotini, some form of veggies and the correct soup base(cream of celery).  I was off to the races.  I always have around a bag of frozen chopped up veggies.  I use these in soups, stir-frys and to spruce up rice.  I will chop up a huge vat and divvy it up to freeze.  I call it my ‘Bad-assed Jack’s’ mix because it has mostly what I like in my Bad-Assed Jack’s wraps.  It has chopped carrots, onions, red,green and yellow peppers, corn, celery, mushrooms.  Sometimes I’ll add finely chopped broccoli and cauliflower.  I use it in household faves such as, hamburger soup, clam chowder, chicken stew, wraps, and often in chilli.

The method is:

In frying pan fry up pieces of chicken breast, about a pound.  Then add veggies, can of soup and 2.25 cups of water. Bring to boil, add rotini cover and cook until pasta is soft. Also it was bland! A slight prob with the Campbells recipes and so I added Epicure standby “Marina Herb Mix” added some flavor!

Easy peasey!  The kids liked it too.

It didn’t look nearly as pretty as the recipe book picture, but it filled the gap!IMG_0015the offiial recipe